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Art for the sake of Art

From Facebook: I’m working passionately in dance with flamenco, classical and Limon modern dance at the same time. It seems like too much, but these work together in great beauty when emerging emotions are considered in the choreographic process, revealing love, bitter sorrow, joy, courage, fear, strength and more. The story then blooms………….

So much new dance and music work appears in Spain, and slightly here in the U.S. It is the new trend. So many flamenco artists are trained in various, and many styles. This is still in confrontation, but I can see the trend so clearly.

When I started to create the new works in 2015, I didn’t concern myself with one or another style, choosing only flamenco, modern, or ballet, all of the styles that I’ve studied (and somewhat I studied jazz dance). It had been so long since I’d practiced or studied modern dance, my 2nd decision after flamenco in this 1st project. I trained in Limon and Graham modern dance styles for many years, abandoning them when I started studying flamenco. It took a few weeks to really capture previous patterns from modern dance styles, but after a while, these came back quite strongly. I had to literally draw out most of the new patterns on paper. Amazingly, or maybe not so amazingly, Spanish dance styles appeared within the modern dance patterns that I chose. Due to the Limon dance style, both dance techniques work well together.

The first of three dances: Nana del Caballo Grande requires 4 soloists, which includes two humans: Soloist 1: a woman/madre, and a Soloist 2: a man/padre ( and their baby, which is a blanket held by the mother/madre in 1/2 of the dance). The couple travel through a dark, dangerous environment, moving to their new life with both optimism and fear, and courage. Soloist 3: Noche, a darkness danced by 1 dancer, dressed in black. Noche is their fear. Soloist 4: The Shaman of the horses – Caballo. This is their courage.

A group of 6 or 7 dancers appear: The water, mermaids and creatures appear 1/2 through the piece. A long strip of mermaids, creatures, powerful water and Noche, chase Madre and Padre, who lose their baby. But… the shaman is strong, powerful, fearless, as he thwarts noche, also pressing back the mermaids, creatures and the water, saving the baby, though hurting himself. Pure love revives him, allowing the family to continue their travels. Noche then turns into Dawn, and we find the creatures in beauty, and the water soft and slow.

A year later, we have piece #1

Piece #2 to follow.